Lavender, Rosemary and other essential oils are combined together in a carrier oil to produce the perfect blend to help you relax in this aromatherapy product. Specially formulated using only pure, therapeutic grade oils, this blend will help to calm your anxiety and get rid of your tension. Regular use of aromatherapy can promote a healthy, balanced life. It is widely known for the positive influence it can have on our bodies, minds, and spirit.


Our blend comes in a glass roll-on bottle that you can carry conveniently in your purse.


Use it throughout the day to help keep your stress in check. This makes a great gift for someone you know who is having a stressful time and needs some help relaxing. 

* Lavender essential oil
* Rosemary essential oil
* Chamomile essential oil
* Eucalyptus essential oil
* Peppermint essential oil
* Carrier oils

Item Features:
- Essential oil roller bottle
- 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils
- No additives, toxins or GMO’s
- 10 ml
- Reusable glass rollerball bottle

Simply roll the oil blend on your neck, wrists and behind your ears to help you fight everyday stress and anxiety. 

Tension Relief Essential Oil Roll-on

  • Ingredients: Jojoba oil and therapeutic grade essential oils.