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Our Sage spray is the perfect way to perform a smudging ceremony without the smoke. Clear your home or office of negative energy anytime with a simple spritz. Our sprays are created with all-natural, organic therapeutic grade essential oils, gem essences, flower essences and Reiki healing activation. This essential oil blend can help to balance your Chakras. These are distinct energy centers that start at the top of your head and end at the bottom of your spine. Chakras influence everything in your body from emotional and spiritual health to resistance to disease. With a spritz from our Sage Smudge spray, you will feel your worries and frustrations start to weaken and disappear. Our sprays are safe and free from any toxins. **

* Witch hazel
* Clear quartz gem essence
* Sage
* Cedar
* Walnut flower essence

Item Features:
- Sage spray
- Therapeutic grade essential oils
- Reiki healing activation
- Beautiful cobalt glass reusable bottle
- 2 fluid ounces


** Shake well before spraying

Sage Smudge Mist Spray

  • Ingredients: Clear Quartz Gem Essence, Witch Hazel, Sage, Cedar, and Walnut Flower Essence. 

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