Sweetgrass is a sacred herb commonly used in smudging ceremonies to bring positive energy to people, objects, or areas. It is well known for its fresh and sweet vanilla-like scent.


This grass has been and continues to be a staple in Native American culture for centuries. The grass is often burned at the beginning of a  prayer/ceremony. It symbolizes peace, healing, and spirituality. The aroma produced by the smoke is literally “sweet,” smelling with vanilla notes. Rather than “burning,” it smolders, which makes it perfect even for indoor use. Sweetgrass is used to invite positive energy and purify the area.


They are sold individually. Each individual braid is unique and is approximately 22-25”. Sustainable, wildly, and hand-harvested. They are braided with care. 


**Please make sure that a cleansing braid is out before leaving the area unattended**

Sweetgrass braid ~Ceremonial sweetgrass~ Native American smudging