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This essential oil spray is filled with therapeutic grade oils and flower essences. Our Clarity Chakra spray is especially helpful in clearing and balancing the throat Chakra. Aromantic oils such as Lavender, Basil, Oregano & Spearmint help to relax you so that you can meditate or perform a ritual. We have even infused this spray with blue calcite gem essence. This was hand-poured into the mix in a sacred space. Chakra balancing is important in keeping up with your emotional, spiritual and physical health. Simply spritz over your head and around your room to bring a sense of peace to your mind and body.**



* Witch hazel

* Blue Calcite gem essence

* Lavender essential oil

* Basil essential oil

* Oregano essential oil

* Spearmint essential oil

* Dogwood flower essence

* Alkaline water


Item Features:

- Clarity throat chakra spray

- Therapeutic grade essential oils

- Reiki healing activation

- Beautiful cobalt glass reusable bottle

- 2 fluid ounces


** Shake well before spraying

Throat Chakra Mist Spray

  • Ingredients: Blue Calcite Gem Essence, Witch Hazel, Lavender, Basil, Oregano, Spearmint, and Dogwood Flower Essence. 

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